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Want insight? Among the people around you, 1%* always wants to buy or sell cryptocurrency.

Make money on it with us.
Become a partner
More details
Become a partner
More details
Irakli Alotia
Hello, I am a leading partner of I’ll tell you where the money is and where to start on your partner’s journey.
How it works?
  1. Create an account at
  2. Copy your partner's link in your personal account.
  3. Place the link anywhere, for example, on a blog.
The client followed the link and made an exchange - you receive 15% of the profit from it. Although, let’s be honest, you haven’t received anything yet, but I already have :))
Let's count
$ 1000
Average exchange amount. But sometimes it’s 100k ;)
$ 2
Average partner reward from each exchange.
15% /* ...or more)*/
Receive 15% of the profit from each exchange or more if your audience has great potential :)
Use this to attract
A lot!
Sales scripts
Irakli Ablotia, partner
The link is an identifier that determines who is to receive the benefits after the exchange.
The link can be used as such:
  • Post it on social media and offer to exchange crypto;
  • Share with a colleague at work, referring to a convenient exchange service;
  • Posting an ad on your blog and or channel, leaving a link in the description;
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Below is an example of a referral links. You will have the same one
Who are you, our partner?
Of course, the service welcomes all partners to share the profit from each exchange with you. However, there are niches in which there are obviously always more people interested in exchanging cryptocurrencies.
  • Coworking
  • Cafe
  • Poker club and casino
  • Guide and tour agent
  • Realtors
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Become a partner
*1% - those wishing to buy or sell cryptocurrency according to corporate research AllTrust.Me
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